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How to Crush It: UpViral Affiliate Campaigns!

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The Secret To Building Your List While Selling Affiliate Offers

If you're pissed off that you have to send all your traffic to an affiliate offer and hope and pray that someone buys something just so you can get their email address and the paltry sum of whatever the vendor is sharing, then this article on how UpViral Affiliate Campaigns can help you crush affiliate marketing may be the coolest article you’ve ever read. In fact, I’d bookmark it now if I were you!

This article has it’s beginning in the closed, but not secret, UpViral (Growth & Marketing) Facebook group where some of us have been seeing the same questions pop up over and over. And, this is my simple and lazy response to give you the fastest and easiest way to build a massive laser-targeted email list that will help you with every affiliate campaign you’ll ever consider.

But, don’t just sit back and relax.


Instead, you're going to want to grab a pen and piece of paper, you're favorite headphones and some jammin' music.

Here we go!

When You're Done Reading About UpViral Affiliate Campaigns, You're Going to Be Able To...

1. Whip together an amazing affiliate campaign to build your list and make sales, no matter the niche.

2. Leverage viral traffic to slash your advertising budget.

3. Get the unexpected funnel hack that will cut your time to market in half (or more).

The Structure of An UpViral Campaign For Affiliate Sales & How to Whip Together an Amazing Affiliate Campaign To Build Your List...

...and make sales, no matter the niche!

In this screen shot, you can see the entire funnel that I'm going to break down for you step-by-step.

UpViral Affiliate Campaigns Funnel Overview
UpViral Affiliate Campaign - Funnel Overview

Before you spend too much time squinting at this small image, I'm going to flip normal logic on it's head with the unexpected funnel hack that will cut your time to market in half (or more).

You see, instead of looking at this diagram left to right, I want you to look at it right to left!


Well, if you look at in the traditional sense, you'll get lost because you're focusing on the wrong thing. So, instead, I want you to see the diagram this way...

UpViral Affiliate Campaigns - Funnel Hack
The "Reverse Funnel" Hack!

STEP ONE: Pick A Smokin' Hot Product or Service for Your Affiliate Campaign!

Choose your offer wisely! Concentrate on a products that solves a specific problem in your niche.

Step One UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step One - Pick Your Offer

STEP TWO: Create a Unique Thank You Page

Most affiliate platforms include a separate link that gives your customers instant access to your bonuses and a special message of thanks. Don't forget this! It's a great opportunity for you to establish a relationship with your customers.

Some ideas of what to put on the page include your social links, your webpage, webinars, related training, and your email address.

Step Two UpViral Affiliate Campaigns

STEP THREE: Build a Bridge Page That Pre-Sells Your Affiliate Offer!

This is a step that most affiliate marketers forget. You'll want to set up a page that introduces you, the reason you like this offer, and possibly what bonuses you're offering. With this, you get a chance to pre-sell the offer to your specific market. In fact, many affiliate sales pages are written to either a very broad and generic audience, or have a slant that's inconsistent with you and your list.

With a bridge page, you'll get the opportunity to flip the script and work with your audience so they can see the specific benefits they'll get.

Step Three UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Three - Pre-sell Your Affiliate Offer

STEP FOUR: Load Up Your AutoResponder With an Email Series to Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Offer

When the flood of traffic comes through your viral campaign, you'll want to be ready to start your offer email messages. Take the time to put together a few that will go out regularly as you get new subscribers. Then, on a daily basis, continue the pitch in broadcast messages.

Step Four UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Four - Load Up Your Autoresponder

STEP FIVE: Now It's Finally Time to Get Down To Brass Tacks With the Offer For Your Viral Campaign.

You're going to want an offer your customers can't refuse that prequalifies them as great candidates for the affiliate offer you're selling. This means that you'll have to think about an offer than your customers will crawl through broken glass to get.

I know that you want me to tell you exactly what that is, but I can't. The offer on the front end is specific to:

  1. Your style
  2. Your skill
  3. Your other offers
  4. Your best customer's persona

Nobody can do this for you. But, if you'd like to see how to craft a campaign from scratch, read my "Viral Marketing: Ultimate Guide".

Step Five UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Five - Your UpViral Lead Capture Page

STEP SIX: Ask the World To Share Your Message For Viral Love!

The share page is as critical to your campaign as any other element. If it's not clear why and how your subscribers should share, they won't. And, if they don't you'll be missing out on what makes viral campaigns extraordinarily effective.

The share page should have a clear call to action and enough detail to give your subscribers confidence that their friends will benefit from the campaign too!

Step Six UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Six - Make It Exciting for Your UpViral Subscribers To Share

STEP SEVEN: Your UpViral Affiliate Campaign Subscribers Need Relentless Encouragement!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from new viral marketers is that they don't have consistent sharing and they don't "go viral". And, I think the primary reason they don't get the viral effect is that they assume that once a subscriber enters the campaign, they'll be motivated to regularly share the campaign.

Based on recent campaigns, I see that subscribers are initially excited because they're emotionally connected to the campaign when they get to the thank you page, but that excitement disappears quickly. So, I recommend relentlessly sending email messages to your subscribers throughout the campaign.

Step Seven UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Seven - Relentless Encouragement

Let Me Let You Into A Little "Relentless Encouragement" Secret:

There are four types of messages that you can send regularly and never bore your audience. They are:

  1. Share to ethically stuff the ballot box
  2. Share to grow my business so I can continue to offer you great solutions
  3. Share to help someone just like you and be their hero
  4. Share to change the world, and when you do, you'll get a chance to grin from ear to ear!

STEP EIGHT: Take Your UpViral Affiliate Campaign Live And Drive Traffic

This is NOT a field of dreams. Just because you build the funnel, you can't be guaranteed that anyone will every show up. So, in the overview diagram above, I labeled this last action as steps 8 thru 11. And, I have to be honest, I put them together in my own order of priorities. But, it doesn't matter which order you proceed, just drive traffic!

Step Eight UpViral Affiliate Campaigns
UpViral Affiliate Campaign Step Eight - Go Live and Drive Traffic
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