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Bradley Waldrop

How To Accidentally Grow Your YouTube Channel in 30-Days (UpViral)

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After you read this, you’ll be able to use a misunderstood lead capture tool to grow your YouTube channel in 30-days or less.

Grow Your YouTube Channel with UpViral
Real results from Matt's Campaign. See how you can grow your YouTube Channel and boost other actions?

We fell into some amazing results and I thought you might like to hear the story behind it and how you can get amazing results for your business too!

This article is good for you if...

1. You're a local business owner trying to get more leads and sales from as many channels as possible - but you're just not willing to put in the daily effort to grow your YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Pinterest audience.

2. You're digital marketer and you're trying to stop burning the midnight oil as you manage your own pages, your own channels, and hope that one day you'll actually start seeing some momentum.

So, if you're ready to see how we accidentally grew Matt's YouTube channel in 30-days, then you'll want to keep on reading!

Why Was This An Accident?

Well, we hadn't planned on blowing up a YouTube channel, we just fell into a great idea. You see, one of my clients, Matt, wanted to build a list for an upcoming training launch for his business.

As we tracked the campaign, we could see that Matt had a massively effective message and presence on Facebook. But, he also understood how to captivate his audience on YouTube.

So, we did the unthinkable!

We modified our lead capture campaign and gave extra points to new leads that subscribed to his YouTube channel.

How Can Matt's Story Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel?

When you use clever tools that drive traffic and give prizes to people as they act they way you want, then you've fallen into a massively effective way of growing your business. And, that's exactly what happened with us.

Here's Matt's YouTube Page. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamoIxKwciqzBxGwKe8Gd8Q)

How Does UpViral Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel?

Inside UpViral, there's an option to provide extra points for what they call "custom actions". These custom actions can be almost anything! And, to prove that someone took the action you wanted, you ask a simple validating question.

Use UpViral Custom Actions to Grow Your YouTube Channel
This is how we used UpViral to create a custom action to boost subscriptions to Matt's YouTube Channel

For our campaign, we asked people how long the introduction video was. But, we've also used UpViral to grow more channels by asking questions like:

  • What's the coupon code at the end of this video?
  • What's you favorite product shown in this video?
  • What color shirt is the host wearing in this video?
  • What is the longest video on this YouTube channel?

And, if you notice, all of these questions are geared toward a preferred behavior.

How Custom Actions Get Better Results While You Grow Your YouTube Channel

In fact, I'll add to the previous questions and highlight the reasons why you might ask these question.

What's the coupon code at the end of this video? We wanted the audience to get all the way through the sales video and receive the discount to boost sales on our eCommerce site.

What's your favorite product show in this video? We wanted to get real feedback on which product was most appealing to those that were coming through the lead capture page. Then, in a follow-up email sequence they got an offer for the most popular choice.

What's the longest video on this YouTube Channel? We wanted them to see all the content on the channel and understand how helpful it is for their own use now and in the future. This helped validate why they were subscribing to the channel.

Now, I hope you can see how a little unassuming lead capture tool can change the game for you when you want to grow your YouTube Channel.